Boundaries are invisible markers that indicate where one person’s existence ends and another’s begins. Physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional boundaries serve to keep us happy, healthy, and from being harmed. Read here to learn more on how Pia Mellody defines boundaries categorically, how one sets and enforces boundaries, and what you can do to begin if no one has ever taught you what boundaries are. Continue reading Boundaried

Reinforcing Boundaries

Boundaries are worthless unless a person reinforces them after setting them up. When you put limits on a relationship, how do you protect those? Perhaps you let individuals walk right through, or maybe you wall yourself off totally from that individual. Read about healthy boundary reinforcement here. Continue reading Reinforcing Boundaries


I am not telling you to stop following the law or reject orders from your boss. The concept of disobeying I discuss here has to do with developing the power of choice and mindfulness. It is an art. The way you make decisions will impact your wellbeing. Continue reading Disobey