The Love of Your Life, and Your Darkest Enemy

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The connection you have with yourself will be the most important and longest-lasting you ever hold. It will affect the trajectory of every bond formed. How you feel about you will reflect in all the interactions with other people. This level of self-love determines the amount of satisfaction and peace you will experience in your …

Enforcing Boundaries II: Attitude and Approach

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What does boundary enforcement look like? Do you reinforce the boundaries you set up, or ignore it to keep the peace? Silencing oneself to maintain relationships a trauma response. Learn how to respectfully enforce boundaries here.

Parental Alienation: From the Perspective of the Child Alienator

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There is a growing community of parents of adult across the globe that refer to themselves as alienated, abandoned, or abused. This phenomenon creates support groups, keeps therapists busy, and has several developing theories that span from the beliefs that current societal trends are causing these adults to be left behind, to loss of traditional family values. Here's the insider perspective from a person who alienated her own parents, from the age of 9.

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