It’s Her Fault: Betrayal Trauma and the Damage of Broken Promises

Ill–Matched Lovers (ca. 1520–1525) by Quentin

Damaging relationships take many forms. Those that include passing the blame for your bad behaviors are especially harmful. If you have found yourself in one or more of these on the receiving end, you may have betrayal trauma. Read further to learn about the misunderstood reactions of partners who have been cheated on, lied to, discarded, and devalued.

How to Win at Therapy

If you are trying to get an "A," you're doing it wrong. Mental health treatment uses a different system when it comes to helping people become better versions of themselves. While you might be used to grades systems applied in primary education, or job evaluations, counselors evaluate progress differently. So, how do therapists determine progress?

Your Therapist is Not Your Best Friend

crop psychologist taking notes during appointment

Effective therapists don't tell you "good job" all the time. They engage and motivate you to improve. If you've been irritated or angry at your therapist, they might be doing their job well. Your therapist should push you. If you feel comfortable in therapy, you're doing it wrong. Here's why...

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