Prove Them Wrong: Projection and Despotism

code projected over woman

Have others dictated your future? Does your family provide zero support for your attempts to better yourself? If you doubt yourself, don't try because you fear failure, or feel like you are not capable of success, you've been lied to. Here's why.

Whore: Female Sexual Addiction and Denigration

adult attractive beautiful beauty

Sexually-oriented stereotyping is a burden women encounter daily, especially when it comes to compulsive behaviors. This stigmatization is served with a doubled bias regarding any subject around sex. There are female sex addicts, but that does not mean you’re an addict if you are sexually active, have specific values, or are struggling with compulsiveness (Carnes, …

Religious Trauma and Addiction: Part II

a woman doing ritual

Are you put out by anything religion, questioning your faith? Do you see that more people close to you practice what they condemn in others, you might have religious trauma. What is this, and how do you find your way when you've been misled?

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