The Downside of Relationships: Projection, Gaslighting, and Sick Family Systems

In dysfunctional family systems, rarely do those members want to hear your truth. And, if it is a distressful situation, they might outright refuse to consider anything you say. Often people in this situation will begin to doubt their own reality, their feelings, and accept responsibility for the actions or feelings of others. What do you do when you express your feelings, concerns, or witnessed truths to others and they tell you you are crazy? Welcome to gaslighting. You are not the only one.

The Hardest Action, to Stay: Consistency in Relationships and Navigating Turbulent Periods

displeased diverse women in room

If you are human, and you talk to other humans, you likely have had some relationship difficulties at some point. The urge for human connection is innate. When disruptions of this connection occurs, how do you respond: disconnect, detach? Or, do you hold on for dear life? Discover the benefits to connection here.

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