Regulation and Surviving Difficult Periods

man in black shirt and gray denim pants sitting on gray padded bench

For those with a traumatic history, body regulation is a struggle. When the nervous system goes awry, can you identify it? How do you handle those times? The body keeps tabs, and maintaining a grounded presence is nearly impossible. Here are some ways one can self-regulate and seek safety in a healthy manner.

Keeping Connections

What do you do when you feel down? Do you avoid people, places, and places with people? You may be an introvert, in which this is totally normal. Or, you may have been impacted by a traumatic experience that adjusted your ability to trust others. Whatever it may be, we are all still human. Part …

Getting the Fukkits: How to Regain Stamina

It happens to us all. We get burnt out and quit. But when it comes to addiction, we cannot afford to give up. It has a heavy price tag, and costs many their lives. How to stay out of the fukk-it zone, and get out if you get in it. ‚ÄúPain is temporary. It may …

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