Megan MacKay, LPC

Hello! I am Megan MacKay.  I work as an addiction and trauma psychotherapist. With my education and experience, I am able to identify behavioral health pathologies and educate individuals on those difficulties so that they can effectively manage and heal. Trained in: Eye movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Safe and Social Protocol (SSP) based on the Polyvagal Theory. Certified in: Pia Mellody’s Post Induction Therapy (PIT) for developmental trauma, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist candidate (CSAT-c), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Behind the alphabet soup: I operate as a mother of three amazing little girls and a wife to one incredible partner. As a spouse, a mother, friend, member of a recovery community, and counselor, I wear multiple hats throughout the day. As I navigate life in these ever-changing roles, I adjust to these demands with new insight built from the community of trusted individuals I am surrounded by. I had a shitty childhood, like many. My closest friend and I learned how to cope with these tragic events by using humor. This somehow morphed into the satire I use today. I believe laughter heals the soul. I also carry an enormous passion for helping heal others who went through developmental trauma. I understand the effects on a deeply personal level. In 2012, I experienced a crisis and entered recovery from alcohol. From that point of absolute defeat, I found my way both into long-term recovery from alcohol and into the field of clinical mental health counseling. As a natural questioner, I turned this talent from the scientific world towards those I work with to help uncover unconscious processes that hinder growth. I have an interest in a diverse amount of topics, from the hard sciences to history and neuropsychology. I created this blog to endorse my passion for lifelong learning, teaching, and discovery. I discovered an enthusiasm for working in the mental health field as a trauma therapist who works with people; walking with them as they travel through their difficulties. Not a leader nor follower, I help individuals traverse the difficult terrain of the unfamiliar with education and support. Today, I work in one of the most renowned facilities in the world with a spectacularly talented team. I own a farm and adore farm animals, big fluffy dogs, and gardening. You’d find me out in the dirt or getting filthy before you find me polished. I only get gussied up for work or dates with my husband. I love the country’s lifestyle. I listen to any genre of music that fits my mood. I also fish, knit, crochet, paint, bake, cook, make jewelry, reupholster furniture, make lotion and granola, and read avidly. I endorse a healthy lifestyle and cook with ingredients that are the least doctored possible. Homesteading and natural living are wonderful, but I also follow scientific research methods and follow best-evidenced practice. I do not remember the last time I watched anything besides Bubble Guppies or Daniel Tiger, so I am not a wonderful conversationalist about TV; except for Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad- those were the last exceptions.
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