Denial: The Costs of Avoiding Reality

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Do you get irritated when you are faced with facts that conflict with your agenda? Are you in disbelief in situations, relationships, or your condition? If you are offended when people give you negative feedback about your behavior, or speak their truth, you may be living in denial.

Self Care Part II: 7 Steps You Can Take to Improve Mental Health

woman doing hand heart sign

When considering self-care actions, keep in mind this is a holistic concept. Do you enjoy life? Are you more overwhelmed than functional? Inside and out, you should have ways to keep yourself emotionally well and physically healthy. Here are 7 ways you can improve your mental and physical health with an enhanced self-care regimen. Self-care …

Self-Care Part I: Why is Self-Care Essential?

person holding book page on white table

Do you find yourself caring less about what you usually do, with little patience or understanding for others? If you want to retreat to a cabin in the woods for 6 months with no electronics or people, you just might be burnt out. What does this mean, and how do you get out of it? …

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