Prove Them Wrong: Projection and Despotism

code projected over woman

Have others dictated your future? Does your family provide zero support for your attempts to better yourself? If you doubt yourself, don't try because you fear failure, or feel like you are not capable of success, you've been lied to. Here's why.

Keep Your Money, I’ll Keep My Job: Sick Family Systems, Financial Abuse and Control

Do you find it hard to leave toxic relationships out of financial fear? Is your spouse evasive with expenses and income or withhold resources? Find out how perpetrators use money as a source of abuse and power here.

What Abuse Actually Is

woman crying

The scars that you don't see are the wounds that hurt the most. What is abuse and how can you prevent from creating trauma for your loved ones unintentionally? There are several types that go undetected and cause suffering for the person affected. When these are defined and understood, individuals can work to create safety for those they love and enhance their intimate relationships. Read here.

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