Dehumanization and Its Collateral Damage

These posts educate and empower individuals who struggle with relational problems, coping with difficult situations, and generally grow as a person. They are meant to encourage you to better handle life on life’s terms. This is only possible through learning about the processes behind crises. I refrain from political debates because I believe both sides … Continue reading Dehumanization and Its Collateral Damage

Parental Alienation: From the Perspective of the Child Alienator

There is a growing community of parents of adult across the globe that refer to themselves as alienated, abandoned, or abused. This phenomenon creates support groups, keeps therapists busy, and has several developing theories that span from the beliefs that current societal trends are causing these adults to be left behind, to loss of traditional family values. Here’s the insider perspective from a person who alienated her own parents, from the age of 9. Continue reading Parental Alienation: From the Perspective of the Child Alienator

Predators Need Help Too

It may sound contradictory, perhaps repulsive. To prey up someone, you exploit another person’s weaknesses to advance selfish gains. It may be surprising to learn that these are people, too, with their own set of wounds and maladaptive coping mechanisms. Where do those people go for help when they have damaged every relationship they have ever held? Continue reading Predators Need Help Too